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Rowbothams is honored with Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award | Livestock

Rowbothams is honored with Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award | Livestock

Jeanie and Theron rowbotham call their operation Infinity Ranch. This is because they are in agriculture for the long haul. The Rowbothams of Hagarville, Johnson County raise turkeys for Butterball as well as commercial cattle for forage and commercial cattle.

Jeanie Rowbotham works as a Johnson County extension representative and Theron as a trainer for reactor operators at Arkansas Nuclear One. The U.S. Poultry and Egg Association presented the Family Farm Environmental Excellence Awards to the family at the 2022 International Production and Processing Expo.

The award takes into consideration the many ways in which farming and the environment intersect, including nutrient management and interaction within the community. After visiting farms, a team from environmental professionals from universities and regulatory agencies as well as state poultry associations conducted farm visits to select the Rowbothams.

Theron rowbotham ensures that the turkeys’ litter is applied according to his nutrient control plan. Litter clean-outs are scheduled to coincide with fertiliser opportunities for crops and forage. The family was also recognized for its use and appreciation of solar power. The family implemented solar panels to its operations in May 2019, using a gradual approach. The initial system was intended to power four turkey houses and 50% of the farms’ needs.

The system is designed to feed into your poultry system first. If you don’t use as much electricity, it sends it back onto the grid to get credit. Theron said that we added another 15-kilowatt system to our shop in December. Once the system is paid for, you will be able to put that money towards other capital expenditures instead of paying for a service.

The award also recognizes community involvement. Jeanie manages the 4-H program in the county. Jeanie is part of Arkansas Farm Bureau. Looking ahead The couple named their farm Infinity Ranch because of two reasons: Their children, ages three and five.

Jeanie Rowbotham stated that our name is Infinity Ranch and she is trying to keep it endless. We are often asked about the solar system. While there are many reasons to put it in, our focus is on being a mom and raising children on this farm. We hope that they will return to our farm. We want to make it easier.

Butterball recently recognized Infinity Ranch as an outstanding Midwest grower and awarded the USPOULTRY award.

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