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Social environment in our favor; BJP to repeat govt. Himachal: Patra

Social environment in our favor; BJP to repeat govt. Himachal: Patra

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The will repeat its government in After the December Assembly elections, party national spokesperson This was said on Sunday.

Addressing Patra, a state media workshop participant at a hotel in this city, said that “In Himachal we are definitely repeating the government, the social climate of Himachal favors.” .”

He added that they are scared of the power of BJP workers. They are also confused on how to handle the unfavorable situation.

Patra stated that BJP won four of the five most recent elections held in the country.

“We won Uttar Pradesh. Goa. Manipur. Uttarakhand. Out of which we repeated government in UP. Goa. Uttarakhand,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Home Minister, and J P Nadda, BJP national President, were confident about this win, Patra stated, adding that it is the vision and leadership of our leaders that has taken India, and the BJP, to a level never before imagined.

He said that BJP has 18 million members, governments in over 16 states, and 1,300 plus MLAs.

(Only headline and photo of this report might have been reworked slightly by Business Standard staff; the rest is auto-generated from syndicated feeds.

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